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The Asian Fun Love Clubbers are struck by Yellow Fever!

..and it's contagious!

The Asian Fun Love Club!
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Welcome to the Asian Fun Love Club!

One must be crazy not to appreciate the beauty of asian people.

This is a very new community, so it's going through some stages at the moment!

Do you hang out with a lot of asian friends? Do they make random videos, take lots of pictures of themselves, and generally make you laugh and cry and enjoy their company? Are they just obnoxiously attractive? Are they so cute it's like a living doll? Do you just genuinely enjoy their company?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join! express your love for you and your friends here at The Asian Fun Love Club! Post pictures/sound samples/videos of your attractive friends and share your unique and fun adventures with us!

This community is created for the amusement of vooodoomoocow and bunnyundies. We are two friends who've been separated by a large sea. Our fetish for seeking out ridiculously attractive asians looked like a dissapointing end when college started, until voila! A community has been made for us to share pictures. We made this for just us, but we don't mind if other people join in on the fun! actually, we'd love it!
The community has officially started as of Aug. 05, the start of the school year. Veena is seeking out the cuties at UH Manoa in honolulu, while Juju is staking out ones at Uof Houston.

The rules are pretty simple:
Play nice, Have fun. The pictures don't have to be pg :D.
Because of the high risk of seeing porn/hentai (since we thrive on weirdness), we ask you to be at least 15 years old to join.
Plus, this filters out small children who will post pictures of their friends who haven't gone through puberty yet. How can we appreciate the beauty if it would feel so illegal?

We want you to join! Here, you can trade stories, post videos, post pictures, sound samples, and anything else that involves you or your asian friends, give them the credit they deserve. You can even put some asian tv shows featuring some asian cuties, or talk about movies with some beautiful people. You can do pop stars as well, though real people who we could actually, you know, meet, are more highly anticipated.

please fill this out so we know who you are!
Asian? or Asian Lover?
A picture of Yourself:
and any pictures you want us to see of anyone:
City with the most attractive Asians that you've ever been to:
How did you find Asian Fun Love Club?

This isn't reduced just to those of East Asia. Middle Eastern, Indian, Korean, whatever, all is welcome.

So, bust out those cameras, and make every entry entertaining with stories, quirky one liners, or just lots of pictures of hot people!

This is a Fun Club, so keep it nice. And attractively awesome.

More coming soon!