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mod2: the silly one

Guess I should introduce myself also.
Haha, no! I want to be mysterious.
I keed, I keed

Name: Julie
Age: 17
Location: Houston, TX
Asian? or Asian Lover? BOTH baby!
Interests: eye candy, eating, baking, breakdancing, Veena(I'm like her pet bunny hah), hugging/eskimo kissing, my sugamama katie
I like to play around a lot. I also like culture learning and snuggling with people to keep warm. I am lazy and will probably accidentally kill myself.
A picture of Yourself:

Samreen + juju

and any pictures you want us to see of anyone:

vanessa + juju
Hmmm i think I have 1 pic with veena where i am attached to her boob

HAHA stand up! such a rad show
City with the most attractive Asians that you've ever been to: Uh.. Houston? I don't know. I mark this one invalid.

Peace and l<3ve

aw man, last night I posted this in my personal journal instead of community
and I stayed up till 4AM reading this story that I thought was a movie but I was tricked
but, dayum, that story got me hooked
you have to register but it takes less than 2 minutes
I think it'd be really nice to see a visual representation of it though, be it a comic or a movie
I can just imagine the hotness
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