ɐozoןɐɥdǝɔ (vooodoomoocow) wrote in asianfunlove,

from moderator #1, the awesome one.

Well, it looks like we have two new members. It's sort of awkward, since our community is hardly ready yet. We are spiffing it up, and then we shall unveil it to the world when we actually have some things to share.
And speaking of which, i'm working on the layout and the general look of this. exciting, huh?

The community is slowly beginning to form, and i'm pretty excited where the future shall take us. This community will hopefully be alive and kicking by July, after I come back from Japan.

Also, it looks like Julie and I never formally introduced ourselves!
So here goes:
Name: Veena
Age: 18
Location: Houston
Asian? or Asian Lover? Both!
Interests: I'm a patron of the arts and music scene. I love watching the history channel, and learning about cultures. I'm planning on studying asian studies in college come august, and i'm really excited to be learning it in hawaii. hell yes. Julie and Ben consume my time. They are my interests.
A picture of Yourself:

Indian Power!
Thums Up is an awesome awesome drink for awesome people like myself.
and any pictures you want us to see of anyone:ok!

Karaoke with Koala Beah Karla and Juju!
Karaoke is seriously one of the coolest things in life. I know it's so stereotypical but the fun level is at a maximum, especially with more than 10 people.
City with the most attractive Asians that you've ever been to: Well, Tokyo :p, but i saw some pretty ones in honolulu as well, but i hope they weren't all tourists, cuz that'd suck a lot.
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