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he Roks my world, haha bad pun!

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I like Kim Kyung Rok so much. Teeheehee
More KKR to satisfy all your love

bunnybonkers: haha i was thinkign about kkr
bunnybonkers: that blonde kid in he was cool
bunnybonkers: and i was i like him so much and he can never reject me
then a thought popped in my head: what if he just comes out of nowhere and says no to my face
bunnybonkers: or say something like i reject you
voodoomoocow: haha
voodoomoocow: he's asian so he would say something like that
voodoomoocow: "i reject you"
voodoomoocow: or in his dying breaths "you are so cute"
bunnybonkers: hahaha
voodoomoocow: god, asians are so weird
bunnybonkers: hahahahaahaa
bunnybonkers: i so have to post this
voodoomoocow: haha
voodoomoocow: yay

I want this cleaning cat.

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